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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

New Zumba songs from the Free Party

Warm-up: Starstruck by Lady Gaga
Pop: Como Si Na
Merengue: Cachamba
Salsa: Que Hay De Malo
Calypso: Estas Perdidas
Salsa: Ella Menea
Cumbia: Ten Paciencia
Belly-Dancing/Reggae: Hecha Palante
Cumbia/Hip-Hop: Si Como No
Merengue: Merehop
Cha-Cha: Sube La Marea
Michael Jackson Tribute Dance-Off: MegaMix by Michael Jackson
Cool-Down: There's Nothing by Sean Kingston


  1. Any idea where I can find "como si na"? I cant find it on itunes.

  2. ok i can't find "como si na" anywhere to download!! i have a zune, not ipod. any help? thx!

  3. It's a song made by the Zumba Instructor Network, you can only get it off the instructor cds on volume 21.